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1-2 munkanap
Borító ár:
5 500 Ft
Korábbi ár:
4 180 Ft
Online ár:
3 850 Ft
Árakkal kapcsolatos információk:

Borító ár: A könyvön szereplő, a könyv kiadója által meghatározott ár

Korábbi ár: Az elmúlt 30 nap legalacsonyabb ára

Online ár: A rendeléskor fizetendő ár

Bevezető ár: Megjelenés előtt leadott megrendelésre érvényes ár

Angol nyelvű képes album Magyarországról.
Raktári kód:
keménytáblás, cérnafűzött
More than a thousand years have passed since the Magyars, a young warrior people from Asia, settled in the Danube basin, led by the legendary prince, Arpad. Other extraordinary figures were involved in their history: Stephen I., a saint and the true founder of the state of Hungary, and its first king , Matthias Corvinus (1443-1490), a hero of the resistance against the Turks during their invasion and the sovereign under Whom Hungary arose to a period of great splendor and a passion for Italian Renaissance art. Then, when the country, still under threat from the Ottomans (with vast areas under their dominion from 1440 to the late 1660s) entered the Hapsburg orbit, the quest for independence continued to thrive. Politicians including Lajos Kossuth and poets including Sándor Petofi, set fire to the 19th century with the passion of their patriotic sentiment. Hungary achieved its liberty at a dear price, but then entered the sphere of Soviet influence after WWII. Only in 1990, did Hungary again become a democratic republic. History oozes from Budapest, and is one of the most fascinating and lively cities in all Europe. It`s located along the Danube and boasts many remnants from the ancient Roman and later eras, and is rich in splendid works of art. Hungary is also blessed with other ancient cities including Esztergom, Györ, Eger and Sopron, and it has wonderful Benedictine abbeys including Pannonhalma. The enchantment of this magnificent country in increased by its deep-rooted folk traditions and it also boasts a glorious natural environment including the picturesque ?Danube Bend? and magnificent views of the puszta where the greenery seems to extrend even beyond the horizon, dotted with flocks of sheep and geese. By way of contrast, there is Lake Balaton, its calm surface framed by luxuriant vineyards.